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Scar Exhibition

A scar exhibition was born one day when I was with myself in a magical spring in northern Israel and like a falling star, an understanding fell into me that through an exhibition of art it would be possible to convey the message as significant (I understand) of accepting ourselves as we are, with all we have,  With all the scars that have been etched over the years in our bodies and souls, which most of us hide and hide out of shame that they harm our beauty.


How do you see scars in different cultures? Antiques and Contemporary ....

How are we in the culture we are in seeing them that way and why? 

From the ancient groups and tribes (and even those that still live today) where the scar is engraved from a hunter, war or choice, where the scar symbolizes honor and appreciation, belonging, title and position, through the cultures that adorn the rift, the damaged and scarred to the Western culture we live in. The scar.

Already that day I turned to my good friend Nurit, who has been curating art exhibitions for 15 years and she has honestly become a partner along the way, believing that this work is significant and important to most of us - if not all of us ....

And so this wonderful exhibition was created and created with a range of local artists at an international level. 

The exhibition is scheduled to be published in May 2022.

A09A1895 (1).jpg

Photo: Inbal Nirvana Bikel

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