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    The mango tree and the star - a children's book that will be released in a moment!

A wonderful and lush mango tree is planted in the center of the yard.
He is not alone, there are trees, flowers and other plants around him,
but he is sad
painful and lonely The man who raised him went on a journey and did not return,
And no one knows if he will return... Do trees feel?
And how do they communicate? How does the tree react to pain?
Is one child with faith,
Will and intention can help the tree to recover?

An exciting story that deepens the understanding of the emotional world of animals and plants,
that we are a part of. It describes the relationships that exist between all of us,
The connection to the world of dreams, the inner desire inherent in everyone and our enormous ability to help when we have a strong intention, faith and listening to the heart.

        The Terrorist and I, Death and Life-
A one-man show about the attack and life after it.

As in life, this show has everything from everything - pain, laughter, movement and tears, an examination and a renewed choice in life.... I got to know the game just before the attack, and immediately after it it became a powerful and significant healing tool for me through studies in body theater and psychodrama and arts. At the end of my studies in body theater, I staged a one-man show about the attack and between movement the clown's and the buffoon's point of view on what happened...I knew that one day this show would come on stage more complete. For many years I focused on the restoration of my wounded body and life as usual flowed in different directions until they were gathered again to the same point from a more mature point of view and I returned to the vision of putting on this show knowing that this is one of the ways to touch the story, the painful abysses and enlightened peaks through movement, voice, word, a tearful look and laughter, and the healing From this, he is for all of us, me on the stage and the active audience, who are not just watching as a screen but actively living, pulsing and feeling... After the show, there will be an opportunity to meet, share and ask questions.
The show is currently in the works...
Cooking slowly and surely  😉

        A scorched earth book for adults!

21.11.2002, 7:15 in the morning, line 20, Jerusalem,
A moment that changed my life from end to end. An infernal attack,
Medical miracle, disability, life choice and many other words and definitions that will continue and accompany my life from that day on...
Two months after that moment I woke up in intensive care.
What happened in these moments and after them? What was before them?
The story of my life following the attack and my travels in the world  (internal and external) to find a cure and rehabilitation for my injuries and disability.
Parts of the book and more will be possible
Find on the blog...

How do we connect to the world of dreams? How do we preserve this all-natural connection in our children? How do we help our children who have difficulty at night with certain dreams? A wonderful gift for our children and for us! A charming case containing a dream doll, notebook, pencil and other accessories for connection, protection and good energy for the night... 

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  The boy who couldn't speak
active story Active storytelling full of music and movement created together by the children and the narrators, around the campfire, in a short performance at an event, classes, school....Goni can't talk, instead of talking he made sounds and melodies.One day when he was walking by himself in the forest near the village where he lived, he met animals and tasks, How will they bond and understand each other? He actually didn't  really know how until he met the ancient tree that invited him to rest in his lap, when he fell asleep he told him in his dream the language that man has forgotten, the language everyone speaks - the language of the heart...

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