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"Works from life for children and adults
that remind us of what we have forgotten and connect  us to creation
that wraps us in love."

Michal Paz Jacobson, creator, writer, lecturer.

dance life

A wondering and intriguing look, sometimes frightened, scared or shocked and sometimes just innocent and curious in which I meet every day just being disabled,
Scarred by prominent exposed organs like my face, neck and hands, the Lady brought me to the realization that my personal story is not just my own,
But of all who meet me, all who have looked at me for a moment and dared or not to ask the many questions that arise when we meet the different and the unfamiliar.
Out of a desire to fight and bridge those gaps and bring healing to my frightened place and another, a wonderful series of lectures was created in which I reveal my experiences and points of view on various everyday topics related to terrorism and life in general, these lectures come in a package or units,
Together in the living room of your home
  Or online, interactivity and activity and allows you to share, ask and understand together ... 

Point lecture on a specific topic you want to delve into or a package that includes all the lectures and the benefits of it many
As a wider range of topics and especially the continuity and intimacy created from my personal exposure and that of my participants.

After the birth of Beiti Shir-Yam Loire, I felt the need to have a book that would lightly describe the gift of the creatures of creation living together on earth.
Something that will teach about the magic, beauty and medicine in the entire natural world that the ancient tribes lived in perfect union. 

I felt the need for quality books that describe and connect the person both to his inner world and to his environment in a simple, pleasant, respectful and loving way.

And that's how the books started arriving...

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As part of the dance of my life, I created more and more works - words woven into songs, stories and lectures, sounds into melodies, colors, shapes and movements.

All together ripened (and some are still ripening) into a gift that I carry with me by virtue of being who I am.  

Over the years I realized that my personal healing is actually not just my personal and because of that today I am happy and excited to present it to you and to everyone who wishes to connect, grow and expand together in this journey.

Photo: Aviram Yaakov Yaakov

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