יצירות מהחיים לילדים ולמבוגרים שמזכירות לנו את ששכחנו ומחברות  אותנו אל הבריאה  העוטפת אותנו באהבה


From a tiny seed to a solid tree, the journey of growing the fallen seed from one edible apple, meeting the voices inside and outside that guiding it on its way to realize itself -  into become a lush and beautiful tree 

A magical book describing the sweet-Afapilu that hides in every painting and inspires the world of imagination and magic

A quality children's story series that tells the story of the four elements and the story of Creation that invites all of us to live together and share our gifts

 ערב, אני מניקה את ביתי אל תוך שנתה, מחשבה עולה: 'על אילו ספרים איכותיים אגדל אותה?

כאלו שמשמרים את האינטילגנציה הטיבעית של הילדים, שמשאירים אותם עם החיבור הקסום אל ניפלאות הבריאה, חוכמתה ויופיה..        

 בעידן שכזה, עמוס באינפורמציה ובטון, קל לאבד את החוט המחבר...

תשובה מגיעה מבפנים, מילים נישזרות לפיסקאות ומקבלות צורה וצבע והופכות לסיפרי הראשון...

 ומאז יצירות נוספות משובחות וניפלאות ממשיכות להגיע, לילדים, נוער ומבוגרים.

 האם גם בכם עלתה לא פעם התהיה הזו?

אם כן- הגעתם למקום הנכון... :) 




A single show about the attack and life that follows, a show where there is everything from everything - as in life - a show where you can touch the pain through laughter, movement and tear, as well as examine and re-select



Dancing the life



A collection of written experiences, stories, poems and letters that I wrote during my life, mainly during and after the attack in my travels to find healing and rehabilitation for my injuries and my disability.

Accompanied by paintings painted over the years

A series of lectures following the terror attack and re-choosing life. new experiences and new choices in life from a special perspective 

Creations for kids ...

After the birth of my daughter Shir-Yam Luar, I felt the need to have a book that would lightly describe the gift of the creatures whom living together on earth. Something to learn about the magic, beauty and medicine of the entire nature and animal world that the ancient tribes believed in and lived it in perfect union. I felt the need for quality books that describe and connect the person to his or her environment in a simple, respectful and loving way.


One evening while I was asleep in my home, I felt that something wanted to get out of the world. A sequence of words and pictures came to me ...

 I sat down and began to weave everything together into a series of books, so my first stories were born and following them over the years as my child developed, two others were born ...


The three books connect with listening to our inner and outer world, the gifts within us and our world, our abilities, our inner and outer voices that guide and accompany us, the magic of our inner and outer world.

All three of them give us a lot to learn and also just enjoy ...

Creations for adults

After being wounded in a terrorist attack, life took me in a new and special direction, as search, investigation and in-depth life became a way of life and filled my life with many, rare and special experiences, in uncompromising barefoot steps on my exact, unique and abundant life path with everything in them...


From the dark abyss to the intense heights and everything between.


As part of my personal healing, I created more and more words, songs, melodies, colors, and movements, all of which matured into a gift that I carry with me in my being.


Over the years I have realized that my personal healing is not only my personal and hence today I am happy and excited to submit it to you in the open heart to touch and touch, feel, ask, grow and expand out of curiosity and closeness, joy laughter pain and love ....