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Even though it is a sweet and charming production, it is also very shy  That is why he hides in each of the 17 paintings that accompany the book ...

Fun, entertaining, imaginative and true stories, magical and varied intertwined within Apafilo's description.

Stories intertwined within stories, sweep the parent and child  To the world of imagination, innocence and magic  

And if for a moment there is no inspiration, one look at the variety of colorful and beautiful paintings will immediately inspire ... 

A book that connects to the world of magic and imagination, the world beyond what is seen in ordinary sight

And also that in fact   Everything is possible and can happen ... it just depends on us ... 

Suitable for ages 5 and up, a book that parents enjoy reading no less than children

Who love to hear  And delve deeper into magical paintings full of details and inspiration ...

Hi! There is also a coloring book with the 17 magical paintings  Accompanying the book!  And you can even purchase the book and booklet together at a special price!​


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