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The world as a gift - 3 volumes

A charming 3-volume children's book series, inspired by nature, elements, tribes and animals and existing together on Earth.

The books are interwoven with pleasant and flowing words that describe in a circular way the formation and existence of each of the four elements - earth, water, fire and air  And the story of creation that invites to live  Together and share the gift in each of us ...

The books are suitable from the age of two to around 9.  At a younger age with the help of bold words it is possible together with an older one,

Read and connect the highlighted word to the drawing and thus slowly add details until a later age.

The books can be a work in progress   For questions and broader learning in order to get acquainted with the animal and the existing around us.

The books have been translated into different languages (and in the process of being translated into more languages) and are spreading their wings in the world!

In Brazil, at the Anthroposophical School, third-grade students who are learning about the world, study with these books ...  


* Educational institutions and shops  - New edition in one suitable volume  For studies  And for sale 

** Group purchase - significant discount!  




The world as a gift - 3 volumes

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